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Mukund Chopra

Mukund is an acclaimed serial entrepreneur and investor. Notably, he was part of the Revenue Leadership team at Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) and an early shareholder in Slack (NYSE: WORK) pre IPO. His passion for BlueLake was sparked by a public markets trade when in a failed early retirement he sold a significant number of shares in WORK for FUN. 


FUN is the ticker symbol for Cedar Fair LP - a REIT with a 100 year track record of profitable growth and dividend expansion. Cedar Fair LP derives a large portion of their operating income from the sale of goods and services in their parks rather than admissions or rental income. As an LP in multiple RE funds in both public and private markets Mukund found this to be a missed opportunity across different asset types.


Dr. Jay Jantz

Dr. Jantz is a globally renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Amongst his many accolades he was the winner of the top three graduate research awards in Canada and trained in the lab of the T1 Canada Research Chair of Neuroscience. He is published in a multitude of Tier 1 Peer Reviewed journals in his field, and is the inventor on multiple patents. In his commercial career Dr. Jantz served as principal investigator at Neurable, a Brain Computer Interface company backed by Peter Theil’s Mithril Capital. He later built the global Analytics and Data Science function for Insulet Corporation (NYSE: PODD), and concurrently serves Whoop, a $3.6bn SoftBank backed company using Artificial Intelligence to personalize health and wellness solutions. 


Dr. Jantz’s proprietary developments in conversational AI have allowed BlueLake to provide world class concierge services to users going through moving events with accuracy and personalization at an unprecedented scale and margin profile. Owing to his background in healthcare, he is also well versed in data privacy.

Advisor - Shareholder

Stephanie Fuhrman

Stephanie serves as head of Innovation at Catalyst Housing, an institutional multifamily owner in California with a double bottom line social mission. Previously, Stephanie served as Managing Director responsible for Global Innovation at Greystar, the world's largest apartment manager with 14,000 employees and $32bn in total assets. 


Stephanie is a renowned champion for emerging companies at the intersection of technology and Real Estate; she is a regular speaker at SXSW and sherpa to founders in the space. Her appointments include advisory and LP Advisory Committee positions at many of the venture capital firms focused on Real Estate including Moderne Ventures and others

Advisor - Shareholder

Caren Maio

Caren is founder and Chairman of Funnel Leasing, a company built over 10 years and fast emerging as the leader in CRM for MultiFamily Apartment Managers. Her software is used in over 1mn apartment units across the United States and the company has over $38.6mn in venture funding and has over 200 employees.  


After stepping down from a day to day role at Funnel Caren spends time investing in and advising transformative companies in tandem with investors in her own company such as Camber Creek; where she also serves as an EIR, RET Ventures, and others. Caren is also a frequent speaker about empowering women leaders in Technology and a published writer in Entrepreneur Magazine amongst other notable Media Outlets.

Advisor - Shareholder

Cristin Morneau

Cristin Morneau is a top 50 global privacy expert and former Global Chief Data Privacy Officer at two of the largest online consumer marketplace businesses: Groupon (GRPN) and Uber (UBER). She currently serves as the SVP, Chief Privacy Officer at Greenlight (GL) and as an Advisor at BlueLake. With a wealth of experience in global privacy compliance, data protection, and providing legal counsel to internal business teams, Cristin Morneau has played a pivotal role in ensuring compliance and privacy protection at these significant organizations, solidifying her reputation as a highly regarded figure in the industry.

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